Welcome to Ehlathini

Pronounced “Eg-la-ti-ni” Meaning = in the bush

Aptly named Ehlathini, this beautiful hidden gem is pitched high upon a hill South-West of Marken, a small settlement in Limpopo province. Ehlathini Lodge overlooks the lower-lying Bushveld, North of the distant Waterberg Mountains.

This is not a rustic venue – it’s a place of quiet sophistication with an appreciation of and for Africa. Here, nature surrounds your every move; a place of tranquil relaxation where guests determine their own pace.

Our nature walks and game drives bring you close to an array of bird life, giraffe, zebra, kudu, blue wildebeest and many other antelope species. Crisp and clear night skies encourage stargazing for hours where you can lose yourself and almost touch the Southern Cross and Orion’s Belt.

Our promise is that you will leave our home in the bush with special memories and a longing to return.

Ehlathini Lodge has won a 2017
Top Valued Establishment Award!

Ehlathini Lodge has been voted a Best Value Establishment for where to stay in Marken accommodation.

Ehlathini Lodge has been awarded a
Certificate of Excellence for 2018!

Ehlathini Lodge: An Afristay Certificate of Excellence Award Winning Establishment.

Luxury Travel Awards Winner 2016
Authentic Luxury Lodge – Limpopo

Ehlathini Game Lodge